What are you doing for Valenine’s Day?

Sure it’s about 4 weeks away, but you know how time files!  Get on this one right away – you definitely do not want to wait till the last minute to order your roses.

And just let me say one thing here – you don’t HAVE to get a dozen roses. If your Significant Other appreciates the finer things in life and had a creative streak, let me create a one of a kind Valentine’s Day arrangement. You know, it’s just too easy to grab a dozen roses and present them on Valentine’s Day, but if you really want to demonstrate how much you appreciate/love/lust after someone, nothing says this more that something with some thought and uniqueness to it.

So yes a dozen roses is the tradition but it’s so common – is your love common? Is that special person in your life common? Don’t you want to show that you think about them as unique and special? Then get her or him SPECIAL flowers!

Come on in and let’s have a chat…as an artist, I can create something that will rock her/his world!

If you’re of the male persuasion, stay tuned for our Guy’s Night – football on the big screen TV, nachos and more – I will help you look like a superhero on Valentine’s Day!

Our handcrafted artisan "Hugs & Kisses"

Our handcrafted artisan “Hugs & Kisses” just for Valentine’s Day

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