Wedding Flowers – now’s the time

If your wedding is in 2014 make sure you get the style and colours you want. Drop in to see me and let me create something outstanding for your wedding!

What are you doing for Valenine’s Day?

Sure it’s about 4 weeks away, but you know how time files!  Get on this one right away – you definitely do not want to wait till the last minute to order your roses. And just let me say one thing here – you don’t HAVE to get a dozen roses. If your Significant Other Read More […]

Floral art bouquets

Confident, in-charge, creative, bold, fearless, beautiful, and the desire to do it her way… I wanted to create a stunning example of a fashion-forward avant garde bridal bouquet for a confident and bold bride that wants her wedding to stand out in the minds of all her guests!