Willow Lane Flowers For Funerals

We believe our floral designs should be created to reflect the loved ones you have lost.

At your convenience, we sit together to talk about some of the wonderful features and characteristics of your lost one you would like to see. It maybe is “big shoes to fill” or they may have been a gardener, hunter, or polo player.

After a consultation with you or your funeral director, should you desire, we then ask for personal items to help make a floral tribute display of who they were. It could be gardening tools, fishing rods or woodworking tools. Our floral display will be created all around the personality of your loved one to help you truly celebrate their life. This special floral tribute is called “Memories of a Life.” Ask us for the details.

We can also provide other flower arrangements for your service. Funeral flowers are made to be seen from 20 feet away. Thus they are very large in size and use a higher volume of flowers, where as a sympathy bouquet or thank you floral arrangement are smaller and sent to a home or office.

During this time, often there will be many people you wish to thank. After your service, should you decide, we can then pick up the funeral flowers and remake them into much appreciated floral thank you arrangements. We’ll attach a special enclosure card and we’ll deliver your thoughtful thank you flowers to those as you desire.
Please view our Memories of a Life tribute page to see some examples, the featured Tribute was for Bill, who had “big shoes to fill.”

We hope this information has been helpful to you during your time of sorrow and loss.

We also do pre-arrangements. Should you need us please call (204) 444 3041. We would be honoured to help.

Should you need us, please call 204-444-3041

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